Why Women Wait to Come Forward


To some, it may seem sudden and suspect, the droves of women coming out of the woodwork with allegations of sexual assault. 

But for those of us who have been that woman, we recognize it for what it is. 

It begins with one woman weighing both the cost of coming forward {be assured the cost is high} and the cost of remaining silent; deciding in the end that she must bring her story into the light. 

As she does, many women in the same workplace, team, group, or church are watching. What will the outcome be?  Will she be acknowledged and believed? 

And when they see she’s taken seriously, it gives them the courage to stand up and do the same. 

Why do women wait to tell? 

Because the fear they will be dismissed or not believed is valid. 

Because the cost of coming forward is high. 

Because sometimes it’s only in looking back that you realize how much emotional damage has been done. 

Because sometimes courage takes years to surge. 

No, all these women coming forward isn’t a fluke. It isn’t a conspiracy against men.  It’s simply a lifting of the veil to reveal the endemic that’s ravished our society for far too long. 

It’s the formation of a critical mass of women who are collectively shouting, NO, we will not be violated like this anymore.