12 Intentions for 2012

12 Intentions for 2012
I am a goals person. I love setting them. I love reaching them. And I love the journey in between. This year, I have a plethora of goals, perhaps too many. I may not reach some of them and I'm actually ok with that, because holding loosely is the constant goal of my life. So, this year, I thought I'd start with some overarching themes, things I'm aiming for, aiming to be, aiming to live out in my daily life, followed by some specific goals. I'm simply calling them my intentions and here they are, in no particular order:

1. Love in tangible ways - Kiss 3 guys every day (my 3 guys, that is) and get down on the floor for some fun, silly time with each boy, each and every day.
2. Call it like I see it - Choose to see the positives and the strengths and the qualities I appreciate in Tom and call them out to him on a daily basis
3. Come to the table - Eat meals sitting at the table with Ben, helping to make mealtime one of the most fun times of the day.
4. Speak life and possibility into the lives of those around me. Enough said.
5. Choose whole foods - eat foods and serve foods to my family that do our bodies good, foods found in their purest form. Try new and creative combinations.
6. Turn and look upwards, often - Engage with my maker all throughout the day.
7. Make a S.H.I.F.T. - Strong, Healthy, Inspired, Fast, Toned (Stroller Strides 3x/wk, Run a 1/2 marathon, Olympic Distance Triathlon)
8. Write from the inside out - Write often, short, long, about nothing, about everything, sensical, non-sensical, profound or insignificant, unedited, just write.
9. Be not afraid to expand my horizons and explore new possibilities - Get Stroller Strides Instructor certification.
10. Be a mover not a shaker - Sell our home and move into a new home w/ a little more space and closer to the people and mountains we love.
11. Get my green groove on - Create a garden and grow some goodness (dependent on #10).
12. Chronicle my journey with authenticity and joy - blog 1x/week