Rocky Mountain Heartbreak

When we put our townhome on the market, I can't tell you how many people said to me, "selling your home is the hard part. Once you do that, the fun begins!" As in, house hunting is fun. Maybe it is if you're on the show House Hunters, which by the way if anyone knows how to get on the show, we're all ears! But if not, I beg to differ, at least in the Denver market. For us, house hunting thus far has been little more than stressful and heartbreaking.To be honest, it reminds me a lot of dating in high school.

In our search for 'the one', we initially found several prospects. They possessed some of our desired characteristics, but were lacking quite a few others.  I tried to convince myself that they might be a good fit, trying really hard to envision our life together.  But let's face it, when you have to convince yourself that the love is there, it's probably not. Then there were a couple of homes, one in particular, that had a major "wow factor." You see, I am easily wooed by a nice kitchen. I get all lost in the granite and the stainless steel appliances, and the gas stove and ahhhh, I become completely blind, donning my beer granite goggles, blind to the many major flaws, like the cracks in the foundation, the shifting basement wall, the high potential for water damage...oh but the kitchen is sooooooo amazing. People tried to warn me that this was not the one, that it just wasn't a good overall fit for me, but I could only see what I wanted to see and that was the double pantry with the slide out drawers and the 6 burner gas stove and the double oven. But deep down inside I knew it. I knew that when my infatuation with the fancy kitchen wore off, reality would set in and I would be left with a home with major foundational flaws and the relationship, I mean the house would eventually crumble to the ground. So, as heartbreaking as it was, we ended the relationship with that sweet house on Arbutus St., trusting that there would be a better fit out there somewhere. It was hard to say goodbye. I was sad, it was a loss, and I needed to grieve. I also needed some chocolate.

Then there was the one that got away. Actually, there were two of those. The first was a beauty, I'm talking serious eye-candy as far as homes go! But it was more than just eye-candy, it had personality too. It was everything we were looking for and more, or so we thought. This one felt a little out of our league, but we took a risk and went for it anyway. Apparently though, some other prospect swooped in before us and caught the seller's eye, offering up a little more than we were willing to give. And so went our, "as close to the whole package as we've seen so far" property. Heartbroken again. This one called for more drastic measures, so I got myself a spoon and drowned my sorrows in a pint of Bluebell ice cream.

We really didn't believe that we would ever find another one as amazing as the one that got away. We just couldn't imagine anything better and that was discouraging. But people say that the third time's a charm, right? So, we held out hope and after a little mourning and eating of the Bluebell, we got back out there again. Not much time had passed when along came another prospect. This one didn't have the wow factor that the previous ones had. But we were kind of over that anyway, tired of getting all excited and wooed, only to be let down and dumped on our... Anyway, along came this new one, a little bit aged but young at heart and offering the promise of steadiness (and great views) that we longed for. This one came with all of the non-negotiables. It was solid, strong and had a lot of heart. We were in love. It was for real this time. This was not the infatuation of the past, but a real, legitimate, deep love. This WAS THE ONE, we were sure of it. So sure we were that I was already making plans for how we would spend the holidays decorate the living room. But apparently, God had other plans for us and we would not in fact be building a life together. Because when we finally got up the nerve to make a move, we discovered that someone else had already made their move...again. This one hurt...bad. I was devastated. I cried and I cried hard. Then I was angry. And then I was just sad again. I just wanted to crawl in a hole and not talk to anyone. And I was tired of this rollercoaster. How could this happen? This was the one, we were SOOOO sure of it! But it was not meant to be. And as with any heartbreak, there were lessons to be learned.

Right after the heartbreak, I didn't want to think about what lessons I was supposed to be learning from the whole ordeal. Maybe I didn't want to see them. I just didn't want to believe it was really over. But time does do wonders for a broken heart and after a few weeks and some more ice cream...and chocolate...and wine, I am finally ready to let go of that one. And I'm ready to acknowledged what I have learned. For starters, I was reminded to stay focused on the important things. I have to be honest, it took me a little while to see this last one for all that it was. I wish I had realized what a gem it was a bit sooner. Next time I will see it sooner and I won't be so hung up on superficial things. I also learned that if we see something we like, we need to move fast and I mean lightning fast. There just aren't a whole lot of quality prospects out there, so when we get that "this is the one" feeling, we need to go for it that day (in case you forgot, we're talking about houses here. I do not necessarily endorse jumping into the deepend right away when it comes to dating!). And in the big picture, I think there are two big lessons to be learned. The first is simply the reminder to focus on all that I have rather than on what I don't have, to be grateful and count my many many blessings. And the second big take-away, is the lesson that the right one is worth waiting for. Umm, I'm pretty sure I learned that one already in a big way nearly 5 years ago! But I guess someone wants me to learn it again. So here we are again, attempting to wait in hope AND live in gratitude at the same time. Somedays are harder than others. Somedays I still have to remind myself that it's really over with that last one and that I need to let go and look forward...forward with hope and gratitude and a bucketload of patience, trusting that the right one is somewhere out there waiting for us!