A Letter to My Daughter

After writing a letter to my boys earlier this summer, I thought it a good idea to write one to my daughter who is set to arrive sometime in the next couple of weeks. Really though, it captures my hopes for little girls everywhere. I shared it over at Denver Metro Moms Blog.

Dear Daughter {affectionately known for now as Lovey},

As I wait for your arrival sometime next month, let me start by saying how excited I am to meet you. I fall asleep wondering what you’ll be like; what you’ll look like; what kind of personality you’ll have. Will you be a good sleeper, unlike your brothers? Will you be a tiny peanut like one of your brothers or a bundle of chub like your other one? Will you want to host tea parties? Explore the outdoors? Or perhaps, both? While I’ve attempted to make green the new pink, I wonder if you’ll love all things pink and frilly? It’s ok if you do. The reality is you will be your own unique person. And I commit to doing my very best to love you exactly as you are. I hope to help you live into all of who you were made to be. I thought I would pen a few more hopes that I have for you, truths which I pray you'll come to both understand and embrace.

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